VFA Webinars

VFA – Driving Success

In this 45-minute webinar, AACC staff will detail how colleges can use the VFA to: drive institutional improvement and student success, and be accountable to stakeholders.

New User Training

For community college institutional research and effectiveness professionals that will be reporting VFA data, this three-part webinar curriculum will focus on the VFA’s metrics, data collection process including the Raw Files Upload method, and data tools.

VFA Returning Users Update

For returning VFA participants, this webinar will focus on any updates to the VFA metrics, data system and/or outputs from the previous collection cycle. 

Success Predictors: AACC Pathways KPIs as Predictors of VFA Student Outcomes

This panel presentation at the 2018 Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum explores the emerging early indicators of student success (AACC Pathways KPIs) that have been developed through the AACC Pathways initiative and how they can be used with longer term outcome measures to drive institutional improvement.