Raw Data Files Upload

The Raw Data Files Upload method allows colleges to submit student-level data and the VFA system will calculate the metrics. 
  • Data Collection

    The college will submit five files of data per cohort: student demographic information, student course data, student completion data, student transfer data, and developmental education referral information. Each of the files is tied together with a student identifying number; this can be the student ID or another ID assigned to the student by the college. 

    The VFA does not collect:
    • Student's names
    • Social Security numbers
    • Date of birth

  • Data Storage

    After the data are processed and the data collection cycle is closed, all student-level data are deleted from the VFA database. In addition, the college has the ability to delete their student-level data from the database at any time. All calculated and/or reported VFA measures will continue to be stored in the database in order to produce the VFA dashboards and reports.  Click here for complete details.
Please note: Only the Two Year Cohort and Six Year Cohort can be reported using the Raw Data Files Upload method at this time. To report CTE and/or ABE data, the college must use the Data Online Forms or Bulk Upload reporting methods.