Data Online Forms


​The Data Online Forms are interactive forms that can be used to input, review, and correct your VFA data. No matter which method that the data are entered (Online Forms, Bulk Upload, or Raw Files Upload), all data will be displayed on the online forms.

  • Navigation

    The Data Online Forms are set-up with the ability to switch between all measures within the VFA easily and seamlessly. The cohorts reported (Two Year Cohort, Six Year Cohort, Career & Technical Education, Adult Basic Education) can be chosen from the menu along the top of the screen and the measures can be selected from the left-hand navigation.

    Within the Two Year Cohort and Six Year Cohort, colleges are asked to report three cohort types -- Main Cohort, Credential Seeking, and First Time in College. The user can switch between the cohort types using the tabs at the top of the form. The background of the forms will change color with the change in cohort type.  

  • Real-time Error Checks

    As the user enters their college's VFA data, the system performs real-time error checks which are displayed on the forms. If the entered data does not pass an error check, a red (!) will appear at the top of the page next to Issues/Flags. In addition, the line or column in which the error exists will also display a red indicator.

    The system will perform error checks on your VFA data no matter how you enter your data (Online Forms, Bulk Upload, or Raw Files Upload). All errors can be seen on the Data Online Forms as well as in a consolidated Data Validation Report.