Bulk Upload


​The Bulk Upload input method allows the college to work with their data locally by entering the data into a formatted .csv file.  When ready, the user then uploads the file and all data entered for that cohort are written to the database at once.

  • Bulk Upload Files

    The bulk upload files are split up by cohort:

    • Two Year Cohort
    • Six Year Cohort
    • Career & Technical Education (CTE)
    • Adult Basic Education (ABE)

  • Upload Process

    Upon successful upload, the data in the bulk upload files will overwrite all previously entered data for that cohort, regardless of input method.  Once the data are uploaded, the college should review their data for any data entry errors using the Data Online Forms​. ​Only file format errors will prevent the data from being uploaded.

For complete instructions of preparing and uploading the Bulk Upload files, click here.