AACC Pathways KPIs - Early Indicators of Student Success


 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


KPIs are a select set of indicators that can be measured in one year or less and yet that research indicates are correlated with a greater likelihood of timely completion.

The AACC Pathways KPIs include:

  • Early momentum KPIs (earned credits)
  • Gateway math and English completion KPIs
  • Persistence KPIs
  • College course completion KPIs

​Reporting KPIs through the VFA

A select group of VFA colleges are currently testing the repo​rting of the KPIs through the VFA data tool. Their feedback on how the data are reported and displayed will be used to launch a KPIs reporting module to all VFA participants in 2018. 

See some sample KPIs data and how they are reported: