FAQs: How will VFA data be collected and reported?


How will VFA data be collected and reported?


VFA data will be collected through a web-based data collection system. Each participating institution will have an online account that can be used to log into the VFA system to enter data. Data submission methods include online forms, bulk upload of aggregated data, and raw file upload of student-level data that will be translated into the VFA metrics by the system. The institutions will then review, lock, and publish the college’s data. Click here for more information about the data input methods.
From the data entered, the VFA Data Tool will create data dashboards and reports showing the outcomes visually – as bar charts, tables, pie charts, etc. The public can view a college’s VFA Public Outcomes Report once the college approves its data for publishing on the VFA website. Colleges will have the ability to preview the report before it is approved for publishing on the VFA website.

Starting in November, each college will sign-up for VFA participation. Data entry opens in March and continues until the specified due date. Using the specifications detailed in the VFA Metrics Manual and/or Raw Upload Guide, colleges will determine and input/upload their VFA data to the VFA online data collection and display tool.


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