FAQs: What VFA data are visible to the public?


What VFA data are visible to the public?


There are two states that VFA data can be in: Preview or Published. In the Preview state, only the college will be able to view their VFA data. Individuals with VFA roles will be able to view, enter, and update VFA measures using the data input portal. All college employees can preview their college’s VFA Outcomes and Benchmarking Dashboards using the Data Dashboard & Downloads page. Click here for instructions.

Once a college finalizes, approves, and publishes their VFA data, the data are then in a Published state. The college’s published VFA Public Outcomes Report is published to their VFA College Profile and can be viewed by the public. The public will only be able to see the most recent year’s published data. The Benchmarking Dashboard and the underlying data in the data input portal is only available to the member college.








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