FAQs: What's the difference between "credits earned" and "successfully completed"?


What's the difference between "credits earned" and "successfully completed"?


Credits Earned: These earned credits (or credits equivalents for developmental education courses that are converted to credit equivalents) are inclusive of any credits of which the institution is aware and are counted according to institutional practice, regardless of the grade awarded. This is regardless of when or where the credits were earned, and regardless of the grade awarded. (e.g., credits earned while in high school, from AP exams, developmental education courses; awarded by your college or another college)

Measures used:

  • Credential Seeking Cohort
  • Two-Year Progress: Reaching Credit Thresholds
  • Six-Year Outcomes: left institution with less than, or equal to/greater than, 30 credits

Credits Successfully Completed: For credits to count as “successfully” completed, a student must earn a “C” or better, or a “passing” grade for courses without letter grades. Please note, any “C” grade (“C+”, “C”, or “C-”) is considered a “C” grade for VFA calculation.

Measures used:

  • Developmental Education Prorgess: Completed Highest Dev, Completed College Course
  • Two-Year Progress: Credit Hour Success Rate (First Term / Year Two)









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