FAQs: What are the measures in the VFA?


What are the measures in the VFA?


The VFA measures gauge student progress and outcomes including pre-collegiate preparation (such as developmental education and Adult Basic Education), academic progress and momentum points, completion and transfer measures, and workforce outcomes for career and technical education.
Student Progress and Outcomes
  • Developmental Progress Education Measures: percent of students who progress through developmental education and into college-level work

  • Two-Year Progress and Outcomes Measures: percent of students who reach two-year progress points and outcomes including retention, credit thresholds, earning a credential, transferring, and still enrolled

  • Six-Year Outcomes Measures: percent of students that achieve one of the 9 outcomes including earning a certificate, associates or bachelor’s degree; transfer; still enrolled; left institution with less/more than 30 credits
Career and Technical Education (CTE)
  • Percent of students that obtain CTE and achieve outcomes such as a earning a certificate or credential, passing a licensure exam, gaining employment and realizing a wage gain.

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

  • Percent of students that complete ABE, and progress into employment or college education

The VFA measures are listed in the VFA Snapshot and described in detail in the VFA Metrics Manual.








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