AACC To Launch New VFA Participation Model

In January 2017, AACC will launch a new VFA participation model that has two tiers of service.


Tier One

As part of a college's AACC membership, AACC will provide a VFA benefits suite that includes:
  • A secure, easy-to-use method for collecting, validating, and displaying the college’s VFA outcomes
  • Up to seven VFA Outcomes Reports
  • A specialized report comparing the college’s IPEDS graduation rate to VFA outcomes
  • A VFA web profile
  • Year-round user support / training on the VFA measures and data submission
  • A User Community focused on using data for accountability and institutional improvement
The annual price for Tier One participation in the VFA is included in the college’s AACC membership dues. 

Tier Two

Use the VFA and its data tool to do deeper data analysis aimed at institutional inquiry and improvement. With Tier Two participation, colleges can do strategic planning and benchmarking, while building institutional research and effectiveness capacity. Tier Two provides colleges with all of Tier One's services, plus:
  • Data dashboards: real-time, dynamic displays of college’s outcomes
  • Benchmarking dashboards and reports to look at your VFA data in comparison to other colleges
  • Additional downloads of benchmarking data into Excel reports
  • Ability to request a limited number of  on-demand, specialized reports of the data
  • Support in getting data out of the VFA database for use in generating reports
The annual price for Tier Two participation in the VFA is $1,000 per college.
Questions? See below or contact us at VFA@aacc.nche.edu.

  • Activate your participation beginning in January

  • To be contacted when activation opens, fill out the 2017 VFA Participation Form. 



  • Your participation is critical. The more colleges t​hat join, the stronger the community college voice will be.


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